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Walking Through the Terry County Museum

Like many of the small towns in West Texas, Brownfield was named after a family that originally ranched the land. Actually, two men out of Ft. Worth bought the land from A.M. Brownfield, but they named the town after him. Years later, Mr. Brownfield's influence is still evident in this town.

"I think it's probably one of the best kept secrets in Brownfield, and we'd like to have more people visit the museum," says Margie Crossland, the director of the museum.

Margie Crossland took us on a private tour to see what's inside this history filled hotel. From an old spinning wheel to a murphy bed to the family's original bedroom furniture, history is everywhere in this fascinating museum.

"Most everything has been donated by people from this area, and we've bought a few but they're mostly donations," says Crossland.

Margie walks people through the Indian artifacts room, which gives people a taste of West Texas heritage, right past some wildlife that once roamed the land.

"This room is what we call our cowboy room. It has a bunk house set up how he would live and survived," she says.

The museum displays the first barbed wire and branding options of this area, original kitchen utensils, and musical instruments from decades ago. The first train depot in Brownfield sits outside. The depot housed freight that was shipped to Lubbock and Seagraves. But these days, it has an old barber shop set up, a replica of a school, and Brownfield's first fire truck.

The last stop you might make at the Terry County Heritage Museum is at the jail house, where you'll see a cage that used to house criminals. It's a walk through time, a visit to life in West Texas as it once was.

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