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HealthWise at 5 for 8.8

  • Green Cancer Fighter

Avocados could be next on the list for a cancer prevention diet.  Ohio State University researchers found avocado phytochemicals can kill some cancer cells and prevent pre-cancerous cells from turning into cancer.  When tested on oral cancer, the scientists found the phytochemicals in the green fruits target signaling pathways and increase reactive oxygen in cancer cells.  This leads to death in pre-cancerous cells, but leaves normal cells unharmed.

  • Broccoli Against Sun Damage

For protection against UV rays, we all know that sunscreen is the way to go, but better protection may be on the horizon.  Researchers at Johns Hopkins found that a topical application of broccoli sprout extract can protect against inflammation and cell damage caused by UV radiation.  Unlike sunscreens, the extract doesn't absorb UV light and prevent it from going into the body.  Instead, it works inside cells, boosting their network of protective enzymes.  Moreover, the effects last several days, even after it's no longer present on the skin. 

  • Real vs. Virtual Exercise

Interactive video games may get kids up and moving, but according to experts at the University Of Michigan, they are no replacement for traditional exercise.  Recent studies have shown that kids can burn up to 70 calories an hour while playing active video games, but playing an actual sport would burn three to four times that amount.  So, even though video games can have their advantages- like improving kids' confidence and hand-eye coordination- the best way to keep kids fit is getting them outside to play real sports.

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