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8-8-08 Weddings

Eight is a lucky number in China. That's why the Beijing Olympics are starting on 8-8-08. Apparently some people in Lubbock think it's lucky too, because there are a large amount of weddings taking place Friday, August 8.

Usually the Justice of the Peace Office books the Courthouse gazebo for a wedding once or twice a week, but on 8-8-08, there are 12 couples who will say ‘I do' there.

On the day the world will start watching the Olympics, Paula Salas is getting ready for her own big day. It's the day she's marrying her high school sweetheart. She says they stumbled upon the date by accident, "We wanted it scheduled around my brother's deployment, and him coming home, and it actually worked out really nicely that he was going to be home on 8-8-08."

When she saw the justice of the peace office's schedule she was glad they could fit in the busy schedule. "I thought ‘oh my gosh, it's probably a pretty crazy day'," Salas Said. 

With weddings scheduled back to back, County Judge Tom Head who is officiating some of the weddings, thinks he knows why the date is so popular. "For the husbands to remember their anniversary of course. I mean 8-8-8 or 9-9-09 just comes around once a year, but I think it's just something neat that people look forward to," said Head. 

While they didn't choose Friday solely for the triple date, the couple is glad they did. "Kinda lucky to be a part of it. It's kind of a special date I guess you could say," said groom, Brian Garcia 

Judge Head is officiating a wedding at 8 p.m., but he said he might just wait to announce 'man & wife' until 8:08p.m.

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