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Xcel Energy Urges Users To Conserve

Xcel Energy issued another energy alert late Friday evening, after it discovered a new problem at the Tolk Generating Station outside of Muleshoe. It is what Xcel Energy calls a tube leak at the Tolk Generating Station and that is the same station that caused the need for electricity conservation last month. It took four days to complete those repairs.

In this case, repairs to the Tolk Generating Station may not be complete until Sunday so Xcel is asking you to conserve from now until Sunday evening.

Here are some recommendations from Xcel:

  • Either turn off your air conditioner or increase the temperature to 85 degrees after 7 p.m.
  • Put off household chores that use electric appliances until after 7 p.m.
  • Turn off televisions and other electronic equipment unless you are watching or using it.
  • Lastly only use enough lighting to make moving around your home safe, all other lights should be turned off.

Xcel says by doing these simple things they should not have the need to initiate controlled outages in Texas and New Mexico. But if demand continues to surpass supply, those controlled outages will most likely become a reality.

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