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Healthwise at 5 From 8.12

  • Sudden Cardiac Death

Experts at the Mayo Clinic say an old test is offering new clues into who is at risk of Long QT Syndrome. The genetic heart condition can cause everything from fainting to sudden death. Doctors say breakthroughs in genetic research have made an older test more reliable in identifying the condition. Certain patients with Long QT have a unique response when given the drug, Epinephrine while being monitored with an electrocardiogram. The condition affects approximately one out of every 5,000 people.

  • Cholesterol in Kids

You probably know your cholesterol level but do you know that magic number for your kids? Researchers at Baylor College of Medicine say you should keep tabs on your child's cholesterol to ensure their good health later in life. Experts followed more than 1,100 grade-schoolers and found that total fat and saturated fat affected kids' cholesterol levels the same as adults. Now the Baylor group says parents should encourage healthier eating earlier in life to help keep cholesterol levels in check and set the stage for better eating habits throughout adulthood.

  • Diabetes Feet

A cool dip in the pool or a brisk jog through the grass feels great on your feet, but for diabetics these activities could lead to a life-threatening injury. Poor circulation can lessen the ability to feel pain, so a diabetic may not be aware of a serious foot injury. To help minimize diabetic foot injuries, doctors at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center suggest that along with making an effort to maintain proper glucose levels. People with diabetes should avoid going barefoot, inspect their feet daily for possible injuries and see a podiatrist on a regular basis.

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