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What Fuels Post's Economy?

Cereal tycoon C.W. Post gave this town a great start. After his death, Post continues to prosper. The sound of pump jacks churning daily is a sign of good times, with half of Post residents working in the oil business, they will tell you the oil industry fuels this economy.

"Their families live here, their kids go to school here, they're a very important part of the community," said City Manager Fred Stephens.

Another boost to the economy is behind locked doors at the Giles Dalby Correctional Facility, it employs more than 200 people.

Stephens says tourism is also becoming an increasingly important part of Post's economy. The reason is as clear as the water at Lake Alan Henry, which brings in thousands of people from across Texas each year. "I like the lake because it's spread out, it's not as crowded, and the water is clearer than other lakes," said one traveler.

After having fun at the lake, many people head into town for something to munch on. "I stop by McDonalds on the way here for breakfast, and on the way back for a coke," said John Castro.

"I always stop here because it's convenient," said Alan Taylor.

When they are in town, many travelers say it is hard to resist taking a stroll down historic Main Street and many even stop for a show at the Garza Theatre, which features area talent. For the first time this summer, the theatre has a show every weekend.

If you cross the street, you will step into a quaint, charming bed and breakfast, built in 1915. "A lot of people say it reminds them of their grandmother's house, they feel like they stepped back into time, which is what we try to achieve," said Jim Plummer, who manages the Hotel Garza.

It is that warm feeling you get in Post that keeps people coming back. Another sign of the growing economy is just down the road on U.S. 84, where a new hotel is under construction.

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