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HealthWise at 5 for 8.11

  • Cancer Fighting Tomatoes

The recent salmonella scare gave tomatoes a bad rap.  But researchers want people to remember that tomatoes aren't just safe to eat now, they're super healthy for you, too.  According to experts at the University of Missouri, fruhis, an organic carbohydrate in dehydrated tomato products, has a strong protective effect against prostate cancer.  The scientists say it works best when the dehydrated powder is rehydrated into tomato paste. 

  • High Carb Liver

For years, we have been hearing that high-carb diets can make us fat and now researchers know why.  A study, published in Cell Metabolism, found that a gene in the liver, called SCD-1, causes mice to gain weight when fed a high-carb diet.  Mice that lacked the gene stayed skinny when fed the same diet, because the extra carbs were broken down instead of being converted into fat and stored.  The researchers believe that blocking the gene's action in the liver could be another way to help people lose weight. 

  • Sleeping to Succeed

Rest up if you want to be at the top of your game.  In a recent study, researchers at Stanford University had a group of athletes bump up their sleep time each night to 10 hours for six or seven weeks.  They found the extra shuteye boosted athletic performance, mood, and alertness.  The researchers suggest athletes make a good night's sleep a part of their regular training regimen to make the most of their abilities.

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