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Baptist Group Organizes Anti-Alcohol Resolution

Groups continue to organize around the issue of alcohol sales in Lubbock. The Lubbock Area Baptist Association unanimously approved a resolution Monday night asking people not to sign a petition supporting an alcohol sales vote.

This resolution comes after the Lubbock Chamber of Commerce released results of a member survey supporting alcohol sales a few weeks ago.

"Alcohol is the number one drug problem in America, and why put it right in front of everybody everywhere you turn?" said Pastor David Wilson.

Wilson thinks alcohol causes behavioral problems and doesn't think alcohol sales in the city would produce any additional tax revenue, and he thinks sales would be hard to police. That's why Wilson supports the Lubbock Area Baptist Association's recent resolution.

"We're asking folks who share our views of alcohol to refuse to sign a petition for the sale of alcohol in the Lubbock community, in Lubbock County, and we're asking them to consider very deeply their feelings about alcohol and the impact that it will have," said Pastor Randy Rogers.

The resolution comes after both the City Council and the Chamber of Commerce recently explored the issue. "We think Todd Klein's comments that we need to discuss the issue publicly brought it to our attention, and we're taking his cue, and we want to make that discussion. We want to be a part of that discussion in out community," said Rogers. 

"The Chamber has come out publicly and stated they're in favor, or at least those responding are in favor of packaged liquor sales in the city. Well, this resolution also comes out and says there's a group of people in the community that are opposed to it," said Wilson.

Wilson hopes the city doesn't put the alcohol sales issue to a vote, but if it does he won't be done fighting. "If the petition drive takes place and is successful, then we'll be opposed to the outcome," said Wilson.

The Chamber of Commerce scheduled a board meeting Tuesday to decide what action they want to take regarding a petition drive. NewsChannel 11 will cover the meeting and let you know what the chamber decides.

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