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First Lady in Lubbock

First Lady Laura Bush made a rare visit to Lubbock on Saturday to take advantage of a once in a lifetime opportunity -- to see the Vatican Exhibit at the Texas Tech Museum. On Saturday afternoon, NewsChannel 11 spoke with Mrs. Bush about topics including the presidential library and her goals as First Lady.

This is the first time that the 31 Medieval Frescoes were shown to the world, and First Lady Laura Bush was among 68,000 others to witness a part of ancient history. "I know they're very very old, and some of them were painted in the 1120s. It's very moving, the idea of Christianity having that long of a history, and now having the opportunity to see it here is very special," said Mrs. Bush.

The First Lady came to Lubbock at a time when five universities, including Texas Tech, are in the midst of competing for the George W. Bush Presidential Library. NewsChannel 11 asked Mrs. Bush about the possibility of having the presidential library at Texas Tech, since the President grew up in West Texas.

"I haven't heard of that proposal yet, but I know it'll be somewhere in Texas. It's early for us to pick a place for the presidential library, but I can assure everyone it'll be somewhere in the state," said Mrs. Bush.

She says many universities have approached her and the President about the presidential library, but there is no decision yet. In the meantime, the First Lady will continue to achieve her goals, one of which is to encourage more people to educate America's children. "I still have the same goals, to recruit more teachers, and encourage people to choose teaching as a career," said Mrs. Bush.

Because of her hectic schedule in Washington, D.C., the First Lady enjoys every moment outside of the nation's capitol. "I don't sneak into Lubbock that often. I have many good friends here, so I'm looking forward to having a quiet family dinner with good friends. It's relaxing here," she said.

And if there is one thing that sets Lubbock apart from the rest, it is the weather. "I love the weather here in Lubbock. It's much cooler here, and I like the dry weather. In Washington, it's so hot and humid, so I like Lubbock weather a lot better," said Mrs. Bush.

On Saturday night, Mrs. Bush spent some time with family friends here in Lubbock before returning to Washington.

Join NewsChannel 11 on Sunday night at 10:00 for part two of our interview with Mrs. Bush. In the interview, she talks about the aftermath of September 11th and what she has learned from the tragedy.

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