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Petition Against New Plans For Visitor Center Presented

A petition was turned in on Tuesday to Lubbock City Council members to reconsider plans for the new visitor center.

NewsChannel 11 first told you about this petition back in May, when Citizen Mikel Ward first presented the petition to the public.      

More than 2,000 signatures were presented to the council today, all against spending $5.9 million on Lubbock's new visitor center.  The original location the council was looking for the new visitor center to be is at 19th Street and Crickets Avenue and the mayor says the location is still a possibility. 

Lubbock Citizen Ward started the petition back in May, and presented it to the city council Tuesday. She said most of the people she talked to didn't want a visitor center at all.  

"It's kind of a crunching time right now, people aren't traveling as much they are looking ahead and checking out websites rather than coming here and trying to find a particular location that is not even ideal or heavy traveled," said Ward. 

Matthew Yugovich also spoke out against the visitor center, and says he sees no reason for the center needing an actual building.   

"Six million is entirely too much to spend money to spend on a visitor center.  I bet that visitor center could be accomplished for under two million dollars," said Yugovich. 

He urged the council to consider having a state of the art website and kiosks scattered around the city.  

"Do you book your hotel online, do you book your car online, do you see what the city attractions are online?  That's how the modern sophisticated traveler does it now-a-days," said Yugovich. 

Mayor Tom Martin agreed the visitor center's current price tag is too much money, and says he wants to see the number go down.

"We're looking at ways to reduce that amount and come up with a visitor center that is not going to cost an arm and a leg," said Martin.   

 But ultimately Martin says there should be a building. 

 "I think we need a building, yes.  But the question is how much is it going to cost," said Martin.    

Martin says he is still considering moving the Tara West building on 4th and slide and using that as the visitor center.

Now the city council is just waiting on a report about the feasibility of moving the Tara West building to see how much it would cost to move the building to 19th and Crickets.    


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