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Chamber of Commerce to Lead Alcohol Sales Petition Drive

The Lubbock Chamber of Commerce will lead a petition drive to get an alcohol sales vote on the ballot. The Chamber of Commerce is in the process of forming a political action committee to organize the effort. They hope to raise more than $100,000, and put the issue on the May 2009 ballot.

To get it on the ballot, the Chamber must register about sixteen thousand valid signatures on a petition in sixty days. Others have tried unsuccessfully, but the Chamber thinks if anyone can get it done, they can.

Board Chairman, Gary Gregory said, "the general consensus was, if the chamber doesn't do it, there may not be another entity within the city that can get it done because it does take a lot of work. It's a tremendous amount of effort and the chamber is in a position to give it a shot."

NewsChannel 11 told you Monday the Lubbock Area Baptist Association released a statement encouraging people not to sign the petition.

Chamber President Eddie McBride says he knows they will face opposition, but he doesn't consider it to be a religious issue. The chamber said they won't advocate for or against the sale of alcohol. They only support an election so the citizens can vote on the issue.

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