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Consider This... Commissioners Should Start Planning to Lower Taxes

Good news for Lubbock County taxpayers could finally be on its way.

But first, I was blown away when I heard that commissioners will raise taxes nearly 8 percent this year to cover the cost of operating the new jail. It sounds even more expensive when you consider they raised over $1.7 million in new taxes last year. For what? You guessed it, the new jail.

Now, I understand that an $83 million jail was approved by the voters. Fair enough - but what they didn't push when convincing voters to say yes was what it would cost every year to operate that kind of facility. And it is millions - but there is hope.

I was told Tuesday that once the jail is complete we will start saving an extra $3 million a year by housing our own inmates that were forced out of county for overcrowding. And they will make $3 million more by housing new federal inmates. That's $6 million back to the bottom line. That tells me Lubbock County should finally be on its way to tax cut next year - and it's long overdue.

Consider this, the majority of the folks that pay the taxes here will not let politicians keep pouring money into any operation for little return. Hopefully with news that our new jail will actually save us and even make money, Lubbock County's spending spree can come to an end and we can finally get the county tax rate back in check.

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