Indictments: August 12, 2008 - KCBD NewsChannel 11 Lubbock

This is a list of indictments issued by grand juries in Lubbock County, Texas, as reported to KCBD by the Lubbock Police Department. The individuals listed here have not necessarily been convicted of the crimes for which they were indicted.

Indictments: August 12, 2008

Montgomery, Allie D. Forgery
Stockton, Craig R. Forgery
Holland, Janice M. Theft
Heldt, Dennis W. Credit Card Abuse
Miller, Mark A. Fraudulent Use/Poss'n of ID Info.
Allen, Datron D. Organized Crime- Burglary of Vehicle
Layne, Christopher Organized Crime- Burglary of Vehicle
Miller, Mark A. Organized Crime- Burglary of Vehicle
Salinas, Samuel L. Burglary of Building
Upshaw, Keith B. Burglary of Habitation
Martinez, Scott D. Burglary of Habitation
Garcia, Melinda L. Forgery
Salgado, Leroy S. Forgery
Blanco, Chrystal L. Obtain C.S. by Forgery
Elliott, Carrie Obtain C.S. by Phone
Sessions, Daryl K. Obtain C.S. by Forgery
Sertuche, Johnny J. Theft w/ 2 Priors
Torres, Anthony L. Theft w/ 2 Priors
Myers, Aaron S. U.U.M.V.
Johnson, Michael T. Burglary of Habitation
Miller, Derrell D. P.C.S. w/ Intent<1g
Tipton, Douglas W. Obtain C.S. by Forgery
Verdeja, Bernabe M. P.C.S. 1-4g
Bates, Elrashad J. a/k/a Bates, Rashad P.C.S. w/ Intent PG2 4-400
Bates, Elrashad J. a/k/a Bates, Rashad P.C.S. w/Intent 4-200g
Sinclair, Britton O. P.C.S. w/ Intent 4-200g
Donnie, Norris Jr. P.C.S. nw/ Intent 4-200g
Lopez, Jeanette Poss'n Marijuana 4oz-5lbs
Boyd, David R. P.C.S. w Intent <1g
Jolly, Lakeshia M. P.C.S. w/ Intent <1g
Cubit, Joshua D. Failure to Register as Sex Offender
Fierro, Donald Burgalry of Building
Killam, James M. Indecency w/ Child
Anderson, Jimmy Indecency w/ Child
Caudillo, Noel S. Sexual Assault
Rodriguez, Francisco M. Jr. Agg. Sex. Assault
Castleman, Daniel S. Agg. Sex. Assault
Garcia, Chon Indecency w/ Child
Ramirez, Joe A. Sexual Assault
Watkins, James C. Agg. Sex. Assault
Bogus, Keith L. Agg. Sex. Assault/ Indecency w/ Child
Bogus, Angela D. Retaliation
Sertuche, Johnny J. Theft w/ 2 Priors
Herrera, Matthew Burglary of Habitation- Assault
Guzman, Vicente E. Burgalry of Habitation- Assault
Pringler, Charles Agg. Assault
Franco, Danny R. Agg. Assault
Arguijo, Joshua L. Agg. Assault
Arguijo, Joshua L. Endangering Child
Vancleave, Aaron B. Intoxication Assault
Morales, anthony R. F.S.R.A.
Rendon, Mario C. Agg. Assault/ F.S.R.A./ Intooxication Assault
Boyd, Ryan S. Arson
Sanchez, Mikey D. Arson
Boggio, Michael R. Arson
Montanez, Nathan L. Arson
Ramos, Joshua L. Arson
Hodges, James A. Retaliation
Price, Micheael J. Agg. Assault
Perez, Eusebio J. Assault- D.V. w/ Prior
Mackey, Dana N. Prohibited Substance in Correctional Facility
Garcia, Israel Assault- D.V. w Prior
Quinn, Stephanie L. Attempt to Take Weapon from Officer
Green, Kelvin D. P.C.S. 4-200g
Powers, Shannon D. P.C.S. w/ Intent 4-200g
 Rodriguez, Adolfo DWI w/ Child
 Thomas, Eric R. DWI w/ Child

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