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Religious Leaders Voice Their Opinion on Alcohol Sales Petition

The Lubbock Chamber of Commerce is leading a petition drive to get an alcohol sales vote on the ballot, and the Lubbock Area Baptist Association released a resolution encouraging people not to sign the petition.  

"We're asking folks who share our views of alcohol to refuse to sign a petition for the sale of alcohol in the Lubbock community," said Randy Rogers of Shadow Hills Baptist Church.

Pastor T.L. Garrett at Trinity Church, an interdenominational community, agrees. He said, "My illustration would be you put a child in a candy store and turn him loose in the candy, he's going to abuse the candy. You have alcohol sales available in the grocery stores or in the market, and the more that is available, the more you will see abuse."

The Methodist Church hasn't issued an official stance on the petition drive, but Rev. Ava Berry says the church is against the use of alcohol, and she personally is against the petition drive.

Berry said, "I'm against it because of what I've seen happen in communities when it came in, but that is my personal stance made in the same way we would ask each of our parishioners to make it. After prayer, studying scripture, and deep thought, I think availability increases usage."

However, many religious leaders in Lubbock support the petition drive.

Pastor Robert Fields of First Presbyterian Church said, "my stance on the chamber's petition for alcohol sales is I'm all for it. I plan to sign it, and I think people should have a choice."

Father James O'Conner of St. Elizabeth's Catholic Church, Pastor Tim Radkey of Hope Lutheran Church, and Dr. Monty Strauss, the President of Congregation Shaareth Israel, a Jewish community, agree. They think citizens should have a chance to vote on the issue.

Fields plans to sign the petition and vote for alcohol sales in Lubbock if it gets on the ballot.

"I personally am going to vote for it. I think there's no reason in the world not to sell alcohol in Lubbock," said Fields. 

Pastors of different denominations have very different views.   This is only a sample of the many religious leaders in Lubbock and their opinions do not necessarily reflect the views of the entire faith.

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