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The Minute Curls Cap: Does It Work?

OK, we've got to do something about this hair - it needs a lot of help.  I have a colorful set of Velcro curlers. If you've ever used them before, you know these curlers are not hot curlers, just regular curlers you leave in your hair for a long time.  It is not a quick task for sure.  But the makers of the Minute Cap says you can get better looking curls, with the same rollers.

Minute Curls claims the warm steamy air inside of the cap gently creates beautiful curls. But, how does it get warm?  It doesn't have a cord, so you don't plug it in. The instructions say to use a standard microwave!

First, I want to point out the cap has beads inside of it which get hot when heated in the microwave. It says to heat it up between 1-3 minutes. We went ahead and set the timer for two and a half minutes. Once time was up, the cap was ready. But, as excited as I was to get the cap on my head, disappointment came quickly when I couldn't figure out how to put the cap on my head without messing up all my curlers!

It was a challenge to get the cap on and when I finally got it, not all the curlers fit! I tried shoving more curlers in the cap and managed to fit three more in there.  Now, I'm not sure why they call this the Minute Curls Cap when you have to wear it two to three minutes on your head. By the way, it wasn't too terribly hot on my head and it didn't make me sweat or anything like that.

Once my time was up, I took the cap off and the directions suggest you wait another three minutes before removing the curlers. So, now, I'm up to six minutes, but when I took out the curlers and checked out the end result, my hair did have body and there were curls. 

I think if you had smaller curlers, it would work better. I think I would be lying if I said it didn't work, because it did, but I'm not sure I'd pay $30 for it.

If you'd like to try Minute Curls for yourself, click here to order this product.

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