A Greener Lubbock- Green Tip for the week:“Trim Those Packaging Pounds”

Nearly everything we buy comes wrapped in material that we tear open and immediately throw away.  All that packaging adds up to about a third of all garbage tossed in the U.S.

Try carrying every single piece of packaging you would normally toss throughout the course of a day, and imagine just how uncomfortable you'd be from the weight of the wrapping.

Here are a few ways to cut down on waste:

  • Cut back on single-serving foods and beverages.  Instead, buy items in bulk and portion them into reusable containers.
  • Tone down the take-out.  Cooking just one more dinner and packing just one more lunch a week will have a big impact on unnecessary waste and will save you money.
  • Buy household items, like detergent and cleaning supplies, in concentrated forms so that you get more product per package.
  • Avoid items wrapped in excessive packaging, such as plastic bags inside of cardboard boxes.
  • Whenever possible, looke for packaging made from recycled materials.  The higher the percentage of recycled content the better.
  • Check the plastic code before you purchase to make sure the package is recyclable.  Take the Green Guide's Plastics Smart Shopper's Card with your for quick triangle decoding.