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Spurs Deal Antonio Daniels for Kerr

The San Antonio Spurs are getting shooting guard Steve Kerr back -- one year after trading him away. On Monday, the Spurs traded guards Antonio Daniels and Charles Smith, and center Amal McCaskill, to Portland -- for Kerr and guard Erick Barkley. Kerr, who's 36, was shipped west last July with Derek Anderson in the trade that moved Steve Smith to San Antonio.

The Spurs also re-gain the second round draft pick in 2003 that was part of that trade. The 6' 3" Kerr is the NBA's all-time three point shooter, making about 46% of his shots behind the arc in his 15 year career. He played three years in San Antonio, including the 1999 title-winning season, after playing a key supporting role in three Chicago Bulls championships during the Michael Jordan era.

Last season, Kerr averaged 4.0 points per game for the Trail Blazers, which was higher than his three year scoring average with San Antonio. Daniels played four seasons in San Antonio after starting his pro career in Vancouver in 1997. Charles Smith averaged 7.5 points per game in his first season with the Spurs, while McCaskill spent most of the season on the injured list.

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