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Authorities Check On Lubbock County Sex Offenders

Late Thursday night, Lubbock County Sheriff deputies finished going door to door of registered sex offenders. It was to ensure they are living where they claim to be registered and a NewsChannel 11's camera was the only one to roll as they knocked on doors.

On this night, three teams of two from the Lubbock County Sheriff's office set out on a sex offender compliance check. It's after 7 p.m. Thursday when the team makes their first stop in South Lubbock County. Investigators tell us they are trying to confirm the residence of Jerry Hershel Riley. However, there is no answer and the team moves on.

At the second stop investigators, make contact with the registered sex offender who claims to live at this address. "We do compliance checks every six months just to make sure they are living where they say they live," Crime Analyst Mandy Myers said.

Myers says there are currently 84 registered sex offenders in Lubbock County. By law, they must notify authorities seven days before they move and must confirm their new address within seven days of moving. NewsChannel 11 asked why they got a camera out of their car Myers replied, "To make sure the pictures that we have in our database match the ones that we have now."

 Registered sex offenders must also register their vehicle with authorities. The pictures are then used to update their files.

"We're trying to locate Steven Aguilar," Investigator Jason Stewart tells the man who answers the door at the next house. "I've lived here for 32 years and I've never heard of him or seen him," the current resident said.

Steven Aguilar, 20, is convicted of aggravated sexual assault. "He's listed this address as his home residence and the residents here have no idea who he is. So it will be something we'll need to follow up on," Stewart said.

Once again, investigators go back to where Jerry Hershel Riley claims to live. However, Riley is still nowhere to be found.

"It's important to us as a county to make sure that we're staying on track with everything and making sure that everyone is being compliant," Myers said. Deputies then drive to another stop in Southwest Lubbock County.  "We're in compliance at this check," Stewart said.

Before deputies complete the compliance round up they make one more stop to where Riley claims to live. Still there is no sign of the 62-year-old sex offender. "We'll be following up on that and if he is not living there and the mistake hasn't been made as far as a typo in the address or anything like that, we'll take steps for a non-compliance and possible get a warrant issued," Myers said.

Deputies also arrested two sex offenders on unrelated warrants.

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