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July's Recall Round-Up


Beef: The USDA is recalling more than 18 million pounds of meat that may be contaminated with the E-Coli Virus. The recalled meat was produced between April 12th and June 29th but it is hard to tell by the label which meat is recalled. So, agriculture officials say it is best to cook beef to 160 degrees in the center to kill the bacteria. For more information, ( click here).

Household Products

Extension Cords: STK International is recalling 190,000 extension cords. The cords have undersized wires that could shock the consumer. The cords are five feet, three inches long and came in two models, the brown model, number EC-222 and the white model, number EC-221. Both have the code "YWC-981 8 China El 57848." They were sold in discount stores nationwide from October 1998 to March 2002 for about a dollar.

The cords should be unplugged immediately. Return the plugs to STK International at the following address: EC-221/EC-222 Recall/ STK International, Inc. 5500 East Olympic Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90222. You can also call the company at 1-800-536-7855 for more information.

Lighters: Young's J.K. Inc., is recalling 1,800 novelty cigarette lighters. The lighters do not have the required child-resistant mechanisms, so children could ignite the lighters, posing a fire and burn risk.

The lighters are refillable, gas-fueled, piezo-electric lighters in the shape of beverage cans. One lighter is labeled Coca Cola, and the other is labeled Budweiser, King of Beer. They are attached to key rings. Grocery, gift, and liquor stores sold the lighters from October 2001 through February 2002 for about $3.

Consumers should stop using the lighters and return them to the store where purchased for a refund. For more information call the company collect at (503) 252-3022.

Disposable Lighters: L.A. Lighter Inc, is recalling 1,800 disposable cigarette lighters. These lighters do not have the required child safety mechanisms.

The recalled lighters are made of metal, come in different colors, and have a top that resembles a pencil across a protractor and triangle. To open the port and ignite the flame, consumers press on the pencil. The lighters, which are about three inches high, 7/8 inches wide and 1/4 inch deep, have a ruler along the side. A label on the lighter has the UPC code 763052 20108 5 and the words, "MADE IN CHINA" and "SLIDE PUSH". Retailers and distributors nationwide sold these lighters between December 2000 and May 2001 for about five dollars.

Consumers should stop using these lighters immediately and contact L.A. Lighter at 1-800-499-4708 to receive a full refund.

Hairdryer: Remington Products is recalling 3,000 hairdryers. These hairdryers are not equipped with an appliance leakage current interrupter (ALCI) plug to cut off electrical current in case of contact with water. If dropped in water, the hairdryers pose an electrocution hazard to consumers.

The 1600-watt hairdryers have a chrome body, with black speed and heat controls. The model name, Remington Vortex Ultra, is printed in black on one side of the air intake grill; with the model number, V-1030, and the words, Do not immerse in water and Made in China printed in silver on the other side. The hairdryers have a UPC number of 0-74590-87541-6, which is located on the packaging box.

The recalled hairdryers were sold nationwide in K-Mart, Sears, Target, Bed, Bath & Beyond, K's Merchandise, Service Merchandise, Eckerd, Army and Air Force Exchanges; and other retailers from July 2000 through January 2001 for between $18 to $25.

Consumers should stop using the hairdryers immediately. Owners of the recalled hair dryers will be sent a postage-paid shipping container to return their unit to Remington. Consumers will receive a new 1875- watt Vortex hair dryer with an ALCI plug. For more information, contact Remington at1-800-992-9686 or ( click here).

Kitchen Products

Ice Shaver: Bath and Body Works is recalling 1,000 ice shavers. The stainless steel blade on the shaver can cut consumers and cause injury. Bath and Body Works has received five reports of minor injuries.

The recalled ice shavers are orange and blue, come with two ice maker cups and have a palm tree design on the machine. The ice shaver has a silver and blue handle. There is also a label that says Bath and Body Works Art Stuff. Bath and Body Works sold the ice shavers nationwide through May 2002 for about $20.

Consumers should stop using the ice shavers immediately and return them to any Bath and Body Works store for a full refund or store credit. For more information call 1-800-395-1001.

Juicers: The Aroma Housewares company is recalling 17,000 juice extractors. The filter and lid can break apart, sending plastic and metal pieces into the air. The company has received two reports of injuries. Both models of the ACJ-250 Aroma Juice Extractors are included in the recall. Call Aroma Housewares at 1-800-276-6286 for a full refund.

Outdoor Products

Grill: Flat Rock Grill is recalling 1,800 gas grills. The glass casing of the thermometer displays attached to these grills can break or shatter, posing a risk of cuts or other serious injuries to consumers.

These heavy-duty, stainless steel grills are Flat Rock Grill Shoreline Series Models 2000 and 3000. The model number is written on a label on the front of the grill. FRG is on the front of the grill. The grill has a thermometer display on the grill hood that measures three inches in diameter, and has a temperature range from 50 to 550 degrees. The thermometer display has BBQ-1 or BBQ Pit Thermometer written within the glass casing.

Independent retailers in the southeastern and south central U.S. and the firm's web site sold these gas grills from July 1999 through July 2002 for about $1,200. Consumers should remove the thermometers on these grills immediately. To get a free replacement thermometer, call 1-888-308-7399 or ( click here).

Wal-Mart Grill: Wal-Mart is recalling 60,000 Red Devil Gas Grills sold at its stores. The grills were manufactured by E4L Inc. and Quantum Homewares which are now out of business. The product's design allows consumers to light the grill at an air intake tube, instead of at the burner. Though the grill appears to function normally, gas inside the air intake tube ignites. The tube can reach temperatures of up to 750 degrees Fahrenheit and present a burn hazard to consumers. There have been 44 reports of consumers suffering burns to legs, hands and fingers.

These red metal gas grills have a tripod stand. They have a logo on the label of the lid and grill base showing a devil cooking at a grill with the writing, Red Devil. The lid also reads The Portable Outdoor Kitchen. The black plastic base, above the tripod, reads "QUANTUM HOMEWARES."

Quantum and E4L sold these grills directly to consumers through television infomercials from about May 1998 through January 1999 for about $160. This recall only includes grills sold at Wal-Mart. You can return your grill to any Wal-Mart store for a refund or (click here) for more information.

Cooler/Chair: Hilton Hotels Corporation is recalling 27,000 Vacation StationT children's cooler/chairs. When the chair collapses, the folding mechanism can pose a crushing, cutting or severing hazard to consumer's fingers.

The recalled product is a multi-use product that can be used as both a child's chair or a food/beverage storage cooler. The cooler/chairs were given to hotel guests as a welcoming gift at participating Hilton, Doubletree, and Hilton Garden Inn hotels and resorts. The chairs have either a purple aluminum frame with a purple fabric seat and green cooler bag, or a green aluminum frame with a green fabric seat and a blue cooler bag. Vacation StationT is printed on the front of the cooler bag.

Consumers should stop using the recalled cooler/chairs immediately and contact Hilton Hotels at(877) 221-2424 for more information.

Mosquito Traps : The Coleman Company Inc. is recalling 136,000 Mosquito DeletoT Traps. The mosquito trap's propane regulator can leak propane or allow an overflow of propane gas, both of which pose a fire hazard to consumers. In addition, the fuel hose attachment sold with the Back HomeT System can become damaged and leak propane, which poses a fire hazard to consumers.

The recalled Mosquito DeletoT Traps were sold as a part of the Portable System and the Back HomeT System. The traps are about 24 inches high, have a green or gray base and top, a black center, and attach to either a one pound propane cylinder or a 20 pound propane cylinder with a hose. The traps have two sets of model numbers: 2950-800 and 2950-801, which can be found on a label on the front of the trap above the words, "WARNING: For outdoor use only." The recalled Back HomeT System traps include a five-foot rubber hose that connects to 20 pounds propane cylinders. The Portable System and Back Home SystemT Mosquito Traps were manufactured in the U.S.

Home centers, mass merchandisers, and hardware stores sold these products from March 2002 to July 2002 for between $170 and $200. The products were sold nationwide, except for California.

Consumers should stop using the mosquito traps and propane hoses immediately. Call 1-800-257-5299 for more information or ( click here)


BMW: German auto maker BMW is recalling nearly 100,000 vehicles worldwide. The recall includes the X-5 sport utility vehicle and minis. The 2000 and 2001 X-5 models have a problem with the brake pedal shaft. It can become loose causing a loss of brake power at low speeds or while parking. The Mini and Mini Cooper have a problem with a cable connecting the gearshift to the gearbox. This means the care can get stuck in one gear. Car owners should contact their local BMW dealer for more information.

Mountain Bike : Dynacraft is recalling 4,700 Vertical XL2 mountain bikes. The forks on the bicycles can break apart, causing riders to loose control, fall and suffer serious injury.

The recall includes only 24-inch Vertical XL2 mountain bicycles, with model number 8524-21. A label on the frame near the crank housing identifies the model number. The bicycles are red. Vertical is written on the top tube, and XL2 is written on the down tube. Target stores nationwide sold these mountain bikes from August 1999 through March 2000 for about $130.

Consumers should stop using these bicycles immediately and contact Dynacraft Industries at 1-800-288-1560 for information on receiving a free replacement fork and free installation or ( click here)

ATV: Yamaha Motor Corporation is recalling 14,000 All-Terrian Vehicles (ATVs) to inspect and repair. A mounting-bracket weld on the rear hub can come loose, resulting in rear brake failure and possible injury to operators.

These 1997 and 1998 model year ATVs have 350 Electric written on both sides of the bodywork. The ATVs are either red and white, or gray and blue. The recalled ATVs have the following names and vehicle identification numbers (VINS). The VINs are stamped into the vehicle frames between the front and rear wheels. Model Year and Name VIN Range:

  • 1997 Warrior all
  • 1998 Warrior JY43GDW09WA199820 to JY43GDW00WA 207657
  • 1998 Warrior JY4AH01Y9WA000002 to JY4AH01Y5WA000241

Yamaha dealers sold these ATVs nationwide from August 1996 through December 1997 for about $5,000. Consumers should stop using these ATVs immediately and call their local Yamaha ATV dealer to schedule a free appointment to have their units inspected, and repaired if needed. For more information call 1-800-88-YAMAH or ( click here).

For more recalls, visit the Consumer Product Safety Commission by ( clicking here ).

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