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HealthWise at 5 for 8.15

  • Experts Find Colon Cancer Gene

Researchers have identified a gene that may make a person nearly nine times more likely to develop colorectal cancer.  Publishing online in the journal Science, researchers compared patients with colon cancer to those without the disease.  They found a gene mutation was present in up to 20% the mutation appears to lower the body's ability to stop cancer cell growth.

Experts say people with this mutation have a 50% chance of developing colon cancer during their lifetime, compared to 6% for the general population.  Researchers hope to develop a blood test that will detect the gene, helping doctors track patients at risk for the disease.

  • Moisturizer Could Increase Skin Cancer

According to experts from Rutgers University, common moisturizers may increase the risk for skin cancer.  Researchers were actually studying the effects of caffeine on skin cancer.  In searching for ways to deliver caffeine to the skin, they discovered that several common moisturizers increased exposure to UV rays. 

While the researchers were surprised with the results, they are not saying that people should stop using moisturizer.  They say lotion has a medical benefit by preventing breaks in dry skin.  They say just to wear sunscreen under your moisturizer, since the products tested in this study did not contain sunscreen.

  • The Baby Blues

For many women, there is no greater experience than giving birth to a child.  However, up to 80% of new mothers end up with some sort of postpartum blues.  New research may explain why.  Scientists at the Medical College of Georgia believe the "Baby Blues" are linked to the blood flow between a mother's blood and her fetus.

While in the womb, the placenta controls the exchange of nutrients and oxygen from mother to child.  After birth, blood continues to flow from the mother's uterine artery causing serotonin, a hormone linked to depression, levels to rise.  This in turn triggers production of another chemical that creates even more unneeded serotonin.  Researchers say until these levels normalize, this may increase the risk of mom battling the blues.

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