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Nutrition Bars: A Good Idea?

If you are a fitness enthusiast or a parent looking for a healthy snack for your child you might opt for an energy bar.  Sometimes, though, they do not deliver what they promise.  You might think you can decide which bar to buy by reading the label, but the truth is you probably can't.

Registered dietician, Sandi Kaplan, says, "Actually there are no labeling requirements, so people can call their bars whatever they like.  They can be called an energy bar, a nutrition bar, a protein bar.  Many of the other bars out there will have either too many carbohydrates or to be too high in protein or too low in fat and really don't work well as a snack option for people whether they are trying to lose weight or maintain weight".

Sandi also says that if you are grabbing an energy bar because you're worried about calories, you should know that a well-balanced nutrition bar is about the same as a candy bar,roughly 200 calories.


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