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Winds Tear Apart Building In Abernathy

One Abernathy business is cleaning up after Thursday night's storms moved across the South Plains. The building's roof was blown off and the damage didn't stop there.

It was around 8 p.m. Thursday when the manager at Eco-Drip in Abernathy got a call telling him the business' roof had been ripped off. When the manager and the other workers got here Friday morning nobody could believe wind caused so much damage. "We're just going to start rebuilding, cleaning everything up and seeing what needs to be replaced," said Darren Hillger.

And what a job it's going to be too. "It tore everything up, the rain got inside, the insulation and the ceiling tiles fell onto all of the offices and messed it up pretty bad," added Hillger.

For Hillger Eco-Drip is more than just a job, it's a family affair because Darren's grandfather started the company 24-years ago. "I got here and I did not expect to see this much damage on the inside. I thought I would see a couple of panels of roof blown off maybe a little bit wet inside but not this much," said Hillger.

Moving through the building it's clear to see not one square inch was left untouched by Mother Nature. Every room has a clear view of the sky and the furniture will most likely need to be replaced. "Right now definitely all the insulation, ceiling tiles, and roof will definitely need to be replaced," said Hillger.

The winds that ripped through this area barely touched other businesses nearby, but they did damage more than just the building. "The piece of tin that blew off of this roof cut one pine tree in half and knocked another one over and that gives an example of what kind of winds and forces were out here," added Hillger.

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