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Highland Hospital Employees Remain Optimistic, As Hospital Goes Up For Auction

A Lubbock hospital that filed for bankruptcy back in May is now up for auction, but despite the financial trouble, employees at Highland Hospital are still surprisingly optimistic.

"At Highland, we're family here, I mean everyone here is family," said Patient Account Representative Renay Anthony. 

Through thick and thin this family has remained together.

"We're not all about, they are filling for bankruptcy.  That's a story I understand that.  I read the paper, I watch the news just like everybody else does, but in among that in the bottom part there is still a hospital running that needs to keep people coming in and doing our jobs so we can do our job," said Anthony.

Highland Hospital filed for bankruptcy in May, and hopes to have a new owner soon.

"We do anticipate that Highland will have a new owner September 5th, and it's a very positive move for the community and the facility here," said Director of Operations Rodney Meeks. 

Despite Highland's financial troubles, employees still manage to focus on their number one goal.

"We all work for a pay check, but still when you are in healthcare and in a facility like Highland, you have to still do the right thing and that right thing is taking care of our patients, that's what we do," said Medical Records Director Gena Pittman. 

"They continue to come to work even when they know they might not get paid.  We are giving our best effort so we can pay them as much as we can and several of them are already a week overdue of getting their paycheck," said Meeks. 

But the hospital is still up and running, and doesn't plan on letting anything get in the way. 

"We're committed to do our best to make sure it stays open, and if it closes, I mean we say we did the best we could and walk away with our heads high," said Pittman. 

But employees say Lubbock needs Highland Hospital.

"Highland contributes about $1-million a month to the local economy and on the big scale of things it's huge in Lubbock and we want to continue that," said Meeks.

"Every day I come to work and think why are we still here, but then you see your patients coming in going through the ER and we have people coming in here all the time our ER is staying so busy so this hospital is needed," said Pittman. 

Meeks says all potential buyers are impressed with the employees here, and if the hospital is bought out, he expects their jobs to be secure.


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