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More Local Coverage 8.6

Attorneys for both the state, and Lubbock capital murder defendant Vaughn Ross will begin questioning jurors one by one Wednesday. Ross is accused of killing Texas Tech Library Dean Douglas Birdsall and Viola Ross-McVade on January 30, 2001. Lubbock County summoned 150 potential jurors for the capital murder trial. Individual interviews are expected to take no longer than four weeks. Ross could face the death penalty if he is convicted.

Lubbock has two more weeks to come up with a plan to control the prairie dog population east of the city. Originally, the Texas Natural Resources Conservation Commission set the deadline for Tuesday. However, it has now been extended until August 20th. The city requested the extension due to several differing opinions on how to deal with the problem. The TNRCC says one particular colony on the city's land application site is growing so fast it could present a ground water contamination concern. The city will present its plan to city council, which will then vote on the proposal.

A 20,000 pound magnet now sits atop a building in Lubbock. A crane placed the magnet on top of the MRI central building in the 4500 block of University Tuesday morning. The magnet will allow MRI central to provide state of the art magnetic imaging, including cardiac imaging, which allows doctors to look at a patient's heart without surgery.

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