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Council Reacts to Meadowbrook Golf Course Not Paying City Rent

Meadowbrook Golf Course owes the City of Lubbock $91,000 in back rent payments.

"When you first hear something like that you wonder how in the world could something like this fall through the cracks, and then you wonder, was it intentional, and I don't think it was," said Councilman John Leonard. 

Leonard says no one told the city council that Meadowbrook Golf Course owed the city more than two years worth of back rent payments. Other council members were surprised as well.

Mayor Pro Tem Jim Gilbreath said, "The first I heard about it was last evening when I watched the news and saw your story." 

"As far as the city trying to balance the budget, that's a lot of big dollars hanging out there that we could be utilizing," said Councilman Floyd Price. 

Now that the issue has been brought to their attention, the council says they plan to fix it. "Right now we're waiting for them to make us a formal proposal. They have not made that. My thoughts are if we don't get that pretty soon, then we'll probably start the process of declaring them default on their contract," said Mayor Tom Martin. 

Council members think the problem was in the finance department. Leonard said, "The buck has to stop somewhere, and it's usually near the top, and so you'd have to look at the finance department. They're the ones who are going to have the receipts and the invoices to know if it's being collected or not."

The council hopes to see changes in the way the city handles contracts. Leonard said, "I would think at some point it's going to have to be reimbursed number one, and some better accountability in the future." 

NewsChannel 11 called Evergreen Alliance Golf Limited, the Dallas based company that manages Meadowbrook Golf Course, several times for comment. The company did not return our calls. 

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