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Lubbock Funeral Home Loses Civil Suit

A Lubbock family was awarded close to $1 million after a jury found a local funeral home negligent in the way it handled a body.

Billie White Everett, owner of White Funeral Home located at 2210 Broadway, lost a civil lawsuit filed by Debbie Bartholomew. Bartholomew claims White Funeral Home's funeral director Gary White, embalmed her mother's body when asked not to. She also claims her mother was not dressed in the clothes she wanted her buried in and that White Funeral Home falsified contracts and the purchase agreement.

Bartholomew's attorney Travis Ware was pleased with the jury's decision Tuesday, "We appreciate the jury's verdict and the time that they invested in this case.  It was an important case the jury saw it as such and took the time."

The plaintiff was seeking $4 million dollars for mental anguish and damages, but was instead awarded $729,000. White Funeral Home can still appeal the jury's decision. For Your Cell Phone
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