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New Technology Ensures Safe Grocery Shopping

Grocery shopping can be hazardous to your health if you're one of the thousands of Americans with food allergies and you bring home the wrong food. But now, there's a new high tech way to make sure what you buy is safe for the whole family.

An online grocer, Peapod by Giant has created a web tool that quickly finds the foods and brand names that are right for you. Whether that means avoiding peanuts or some other allergen or finding things that are healthy, low in fat and calories.

"I think everyone in the U.S. Is starting to think about nutrition and I think we're at the forefront of it. We have the data and we want to use that data to make you a smarter shopper," said Thomas Parkinson, Peapod founder.

Shoppers can either chose from a set plan, like one for diabetics, food allergies, even people on weight watchers or they can create their own customized plan, where they can find groceries that meet their specific needs like foods that have high fiber or no-trans fats.

Unfortunately, the Peapod calculator doesn't tie in to any grocery chains in the Lubbock area yet, but as Parkinson says, they are on the forefront. And NewsChannel 11 will let you know if this or something similar becomes available to grocery shoppers around here. .

If you want to learn more about the peapod calculator and which grocery chains participate in this program (click here).

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