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Blue Relief: Does It Work?

Are you a person who suffers from muscle or joint pain? An as seen on TV product called Blue Relief might help ease your pain, but this one claims to give your relief in just minutes. I wanted to see this in action.

Onesimo Garza suffers from shoulder pain and was willing to try out the Blue Relief.

"Smells good. Now, the makers say its an amazing pain relief formula that works in just minutes. So when you hear that, what do you expect that to do?" said Cecelia.

So, I rubbed the Blue Relief on his shoulder where Onesimo said it hurt. "Okay, can you feel anything?"

"Feels cool," Onesimo said. And within minutes, Onesimo said it felt like the Blue Relief was helping. But, I needed a second opinion.

I found two ladies who say have arm pain and wrist pain. "I have pain most of the time in this arm," said Sidney Murphey.

"My wrist usually hurts, right here where my thumb knuckle is," said Velma Dealring. Again, I took the Blue Relief and applied it to Sidney's arm and Velma's hand.

"It doesn't hurt as bad," said Sidney.

"It feels better," said Velma.

By hearing their conclusions each person reached in just seconds, I was still a bit skeptical about Blue Relief. I remembered my own arm muscle was a little achy from throwing around the football the day before. I took the Blue Relief and applied it to the upper arm.

It did help with the pain, but briefly. When I say briefly, I mean 10 minutes. If you had spent 20 bucks on a small jar of pain relief that you had to reapply every ten minutes, would you be satisfied? I wasn't at all. It's not worth the money, it does not work.

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