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Olympic Fever Sparks Gym Memberships

If you think you have seen more people working out at your gym lately, you are probably right. The Olympics started on August 8th and since then, gym owners say new memberships are up and those who have old memberships are showing up again.

Sid Vivek of the YMCA, says, "We're seeing a lot more folks coming into our pool, thanks to Michael Phelps, I think, and some of the relays, and we're seeing a lot of kids coming into our gymnastics classes as well".  Ruben de Alba, who has been motivated by the Olympics, adds, "Definitely more motivating. Usually I only spend five minutes warming up; during the Olympics I've been pushing a bit longer."

Whatever you want to call it; motivation, inspiration, or Olympic fever there are a lot of everyday athletes say they are working out longer and harder here at home while watching our greatest athletes on the other side of the world.

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