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Preliminary Autopsy Results Released in Adams Homicide

Monica Adams Monica Adams

Preliminary autopsy results show Monica Adams died from multiple blunt force traumas to the back of her head. A man found 29 year-old Monica Adams Wednesday morning in a northeast Lubbock field.  Investigators are still trying to determine how long she might have been out there.

Some questions have been answered like what killed Monica Adams, but there are many questions still unanswered, like who might have killed her. The Lubbock Police Department tells me they have questioned a number of people since Wednesday and still have a lot more people to question.  They are in the process of determining who might be suspects and witnesses in the case.

Captain Greg Stevens of the Lubbock Police Department says this homicide is unusual. "It is truly a ‘who done it?' kind of crime, as opposed to the typical homicide, which is often solved very quickly. Quite often patrol officers have suspects in custody, before the arrival of homicide detective," said Stevens.

Adams has been arrested for prostitution in the past, and is now the fifth homicide in Lubbock County involving women believed to be prostitutes, in the past nine years.  All the cases are unsolved, and could raise the question - is there a serial killer? "In order to call something a serial killer or a serial murder situation, you know, there has to be one common denominator you know without doubt," said Stevens.    

But Stevens does say there are similarities between the cases. "There are obvious similarities and nobody is saying there is not. There have been several women that we have arrested before for prostitution that have been found dead out in rural areas, but really the similarities don't go far beyond that," said Stevens.

Stevens says the manner in which the women were killed, and the manner in which they were taken to rural areas, seems to be different in each case. "We are certainly not in position to say that we have a serial killer running around the city," said Stevens. 

Stevens says the police department is doing everything they can to solve this case. "It is irrelevant to us what background the victim comes from, what socioeconomic group they come from - anything like that is completely irrelevant to us. We have an absolute determination to find who killed the victim in this case and bring them to justice," said Stevens.

Police tells us at this hour the crime scene has been cleared. They don't anticipate releasing any new information until an arrest is made, but they are asking, if anyone has any information on this case, to call Crime Line at (806) 741-1000.

Authorities Look into Possible Connection in Homicides
In the past nine years, there have been four homicide cases in Lubbock County involving women believed to have been prostitutes.

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