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Viewer Response to Consider This on School Uniforms in Lubbock

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This is an excellent idea. Having worn a school uniform myself it certainly did not in any way restrict me from "expressing myself". It would certainly be a benefit for parents as far as the expense of clothing and provides the school with more of a learning environment in which the students are more focused on their lesson as opposed to who's wearing what. After all isn't that the reason they are there in the first place.

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As an upcoming senior at Lubbock High School who has attended public schooling in Lubbock since Kindergarten, I do not see the benefits in being forced to wear uniforms in school. It discourages expression, invades our rights, and will simply not help improve the education process.

LISD's current dress code policy is already outrageously strict. It is understandable to stop someone from coming to school in a tube-top; that is distracting. If I have dyed hair or a pierced nose, is that really going to distract the person sitting next to me? Are they really not going to be able to focus because they can't stop staring at me? Schools should be trying to promote diversity and individuality, not making everyone the same. These kids should be able to express themselves through the clothes they wear. There is no need to try to mask the problem of "peer pressure" with uniforms, when the problem should be stopped at its real roots: ignorance and intolerance.

Public schools are owned by the Government and thus do not have the right to tell anyone what to wear. As long as someone is wearing clothes, the Government cannot say what they should and should not wear. What gives the schools this right? Furthermore, public education is free, and school uniforms would cost people money which defeats the purpose of free education. And what sense is there in forcing people to buy clothes they don't want to wear in the first place? Schools are also funded by tax payer dollars, which includes the parents of these students. These parents also have the right to a voice in their students education; and let's be quiet frank, we all know the majority of these parents don't want to have to pay for school uniforms any way, so why sacrifice the majority for the sake of a few? Students are people too, and it's high time we started observing their rights.

Ever since Kindergarten, I have been an A/B student, and ever since seventh grade I have taken AP and Pre-Ap courses. Not in any of my years as a student has clothes that I or anyone else wore effected me. Chances are, if a student is not doing well in class, it's because they do not care. Being forced to wear school uniforms would only further the student's disdain for having to be at school. Uniforms are not going to increase the students eagerness to learn, thus it will not induce better education. The problem is in the way we educate. We try to educate students to prepare for a future that has not yet been determined. We teach only to some standardized test that means absolutely nothing. TAKS, SAT and ACT scores are not the measure of a person. We need to change the way we educate, not the way we dress.

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I agree wholeheartedly.

At Frenship last year they allowed a boy to dress like a girl, complete with dress and a pink bow in his hair.  What could be more distracting than that. Who can concentrate and learn anything if the "students are driving the bus".  How ridiculous is it to allow this to go on in our public schools.  Are we afraid of the kids?

Some kids do not have the money for the latest fashions, therefore it causes problems when the affluent kids buy the very best from Dillards, etc.

I would back this proposal one hundred percent.

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Saw your piece on school uniforms. Just tell me where to sign the dotted line. I am for it all the way! Even though my wife and I are doing well financially, I would love for my kid to wear a uniform. 

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I think that school uniforms will cause some kids who don't want to go to school now not go at all. not being able to wear what you want will have many more con's that pro's

I think it is a waste of time...

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I think having uniforms in school is a great idea. There would certainly be a lot less of bullying and prejudice. Maybe then people will start getting to know other's personalities other than just judging on looks and appearances.

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I like that idea it is about time, I hope this goes though.

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That is a great idea. As a mother of 3 girls I support this idea 100%. One of my girls is a teenager at one of the middle schools here and she has been "hounding" me everyday since the end of July as to what she wear on the first day of school. If we had uniforms, this would not be an issue. So, here is my vote.

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I think this is a great idea.  I think this would make the dress code cut and dry, everybody will be dressed the same.  The kids needs this kind of structure environment.   It has to start some where.  I say go for it.

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I'm all for school uniforms.  I get tired of the majority of clothing available for my 8 year old daughter is too sexy, too cheap-looking, and too focused on what Hollywood wants my kids to think.  I have not emphasized fashion to my kids because I really don't want them to start that vicious cycle in grade school!

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I think the school uniform idea is fantastic! As a parent I think this would be a much better system than what is currently in place & certainly "level the playing field" so to speak.

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My children attend Frenship ISD and I would love to see this implemented across the broad statewide. I went to Catholic schools my entire childhood. And we wore uniforms. We didn't have the problems that young people today face. My daughter, while only in 2nd grade, was bullied by another child at her school because this child felt that her clothes were not as good as hers. It made me mad, but I told my daughter to just ignore her and the child eventually moved on to someone else. A uniform policy would be awesome for the families of so many of us who cannot afford expensive name brand clothes. Especially since my daughter is now moving on to Junior High where I'm sure the pressure and name calling will be worse. I would support this 100%. Thank you NewsChannel 11 for this story.

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My children have attended two different schools where uniforms were required. I think it is a great idea if the local schools required uniforms.There are many advantages. This would identify the ones that are not supposed to be in that building and it will keep children from trying to see how wild they can dress. I was against requiring uniforms until I was involved.  Children will object, and some parents will also at first. They will be pleased with uniforms when they see the results. I would like to see my four grandchildren wearing uniforms to Frenship schools.

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I as a mother of 4 who is barely making ends meet; believes this would be a wonderful idea for all the schools in Lubbock county and the surrounding area's as well. It would also be a good idea if we could get another all girls and boys private schools on the West side of town.

Consider This... School Uniforms in Lubbock
NewsChannel 11 General Manager Dan Jackson explains why he feels Lubbock schools should adopt a mandatory school uniform policy.

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