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Local Democrats Support Obama-Biden Ticket

Monday night the spotlight is on Denver as the Democratic National Convention officially begins. The Democrats will open their convention with a mission of unifying their party, and re-introducing Barack Obama and Joe Biden as the pair most like American voters. 

Some Democrats say Barack Obama's pick of Joe Biden as his running mate, is a great decision.  "I truly believe that Senator Biden is going to be the man that is going to help Obama if he is elected President to really get this country in the direction we need to go," said Lubbock City Councilman Floyd Price. 

Obama has been criticized for his lack of experience in the past and Lubbock County Democratic Party Chair Pam Brink says Biden as a running mate is just what he needs. "What Biden has, of course, is lots and lots of experience in foreign policy so I was quite thrilled. I thought he brought richness to the ticket and that is very, very encouraging," said Brink. 

Brink says although she would have also supported Hilary Clinton all the way to the White House, she understands why Clinton wasn't chosen as a running mate. "Obama needs to build his own team, and I think Hilary Clinton will be a fabulous supporter, and I think she will bring all of her people on board. She has spent her whole life fighting for all the of the issues for the democratic party," said Brink. 

But some local Republicans think choosing Biden goes against what Obama says he stands for. "Biden is a very experienced Washington insider and I kind of thought it broke with Obama's primary campaign message which was I want to go to Washington and change what is dysfunctional in Washington so for him to pick a 30 year or better senator kind of surprised me," said Lubbock County Republican Chair Chris Winn.   

Winn says he is looking forward to hearing who John McCain picks for his running mate. "Democrats have this week and then we will go next week to Minnesota and everybody will have their eyes on us," said Winn.

However, Brink says some Republicans have their eyes on the Democratic nominee. "I am very excited about this campaign, and I might mention of course in Lubbock, Texas the Democrats have been a rather lonely group of people for a while, but after this primary, well, people have been calling me all the time," said Brink. 

Local Democrats are having a watch party this Thursday night at Union Hall to get together for Obama's speech during the Democratic National Convention.

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