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Consider This... Viewers Comment on School Uniforms

Last week I called on school leaders in Lubbock County to consider adopting a mandatory school uniform policy. I said uniforms would reduce the problem of peer-pressure and class distractions, lower the cost for parents, help easily identify strangers on campus and attract business prospects to Lubbock.

I've received much feedback on this one - most of them in favor of the idea. Like Sarah who writes, "This is an excellent idea. Having worn a school uniform myself, it certainly did not in any way restrict me from expressing myself. (Uniforms) provide the school with a more learning environment in which the students are more focused on their lesson as opposed to who's wearing what. After all isn't that the reason they are there in the first place?"

I also heard from Ben who says, "As an upcoming senior...who has attended public schooling in Lubbock since kindergarten, I do not see the benefits in being forced to wear uniforms in school. It discourages expression, invades our rights, and will simply not help improve the education process."

Barbara writes, "I agree wholeheartedly. Some kids do not have the money for the latest fashions; therefore it causes problems when the affluent kids buy the very best. I would back this proposal 100 percent."

And there is Andrea who says, "I think having uniforms in school is a great idea. There would certainly be a lot less of bullying and prejudice. Maybe then people will start getting to know other's personalities other than just judging on looks and appearances."

Thanks to all who wrote, and I'd still like to know if you are for or against school uniforms. Just cast your vote in the poll at the top of this story.

 If you would like to read the rest of the viewer comments this subject, (click here).

Consider This... School Uniforms in Lubbock
NewsChannel 11 General Manager Dan Jackson explains why he feels Lubbock schools should adopt a mandatory school uniform policy.


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