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Texas Coverage 8.9

The number of people infected by the West Nile Virus in Texas has grown to 12, but another concern is the number of horses that are getting sick. So far, the virus has infected 21 horses in Texas. The most recent case of an infected horse comes out of Haskell County near Abilene. Health officials are now asking horse owners to get their livestock vaccinated as soon as possible. Signs of the West Nile Virus include:

  • Swelling in the face or neck
  • Weak legs
  • Loss of appetite

Along I-35 in Lewisville, a man apparently stabbed himself, then jumped from the overpass. Authorities then say that several vehicles struck the unidentified man. He died at the scene. The interstate was shut down for about two hours.

On Friday, Oak Cliff residents attended the funerals of five family members shot and killed last week. Police say that Abel Ochoa opened fire on his family last Sunday. He killed his two children, his wife, her sister, and her father. Police arrested Ochoa shortly after the incident. They are holding him on murder charges.

Dallas based Southwest Airlines officials affirmed on Friday that passengers who fill more than one seat must buy a second. They did that at the National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance Conference. Southwest says that its policy is designed to make sure every customer has use of his or her entire seat. The airline refunds the second seat purchase when a flight is not oversold.

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