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Tony Sanchez in the Hub City

It's hard to ignore the tone of the Governor's race. Rick Perry and Tony Sanchez are taking aim at each other through their television ads.

How do you think it's affected the people as far as their perception of you?

"I don't think it has had an adverse affect because the polls are showing us even with Rick Perry right now. People are revolting and being turned off by these nasty, deceitful lies," says Democratic candidate Tony Sanchez.

The Perry camp disputes his reading of the poll numbers. Sanchez accuses the current governor of selling favors for political contributions, such as with insurance companies. Sanchez says that Texas insurance premiums are skyrocketing, and he claims that Rick Perry has allowed it to happen for personal reasons.

"He is bought and paid for by the insurance companies, and that's what's so disgusting. There's no oversight, no regulation, and they can do whatever they want, and they're abusing the consumers of Texas -- and he's allowed that because they're his biggest contributors," says Sanchez.

What are the real issues here? What do you stand for?

"Education is key. We've got to educate our children so that everyone gets an even break in life and concentrate on the first five years of education. Healthcare -- we've got a crisis in healthcare. We're 50th in the nation in child immigration," says Sanchez.

While Sanchez agrees that the negative campaigning takes attention away from the real issues, he believes voters will choose him when they take a close look at the two candidates.

"I think 30 years of business experience is something the state needs. We've had enough of professional politicians like Rick Perry. There's a lot of problems, and they haven't been able to fix it," says Sanchez.

The Perry camp says they're focused on improving Texas' public schools, addressing critical transportation needs, and making quality health care available to more citizens.

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