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Family Members Plea For Clovis Jail Escapee to Turn Himself In

Source: Curry County Sheriff Source: Curry County Sheriff

"Son turn yourself in, I love you," said Melody Carter.

Melody Carter is the mother of 20-year-old Larry McClendon, one of the five Clovis jail escapees still on the loose. 

Carter says she hasn't talked to her son since he escaped Sunday night, but she did talk to him on the phone last week. "He seemed like he was pretty much at home and use to his environment and it wasn't really bothering him and he was going to sit there until he was proven not guilty," said Carter. 

McClendon has been in jail for over a year and has pending charges for murder and aggravated robbery. His mother says he is innocent. "Oh I know he's not guilty.  I know he's not guilty," said Carter.

Carter says she doesn't know where her son is, but thinks he could be hiding at his father's house in Clovis.  "The only thing I could think of is to his father and until last night I didn't know who Michael England was, his nickname is Hershey and I've heard a lot about Hershey and Hershey is a buddy of his dad's - Larry McClendon Sr.," said Carter. 

Carter says her son's father is friends with Michael England, or Hershey, another one of the escapees, but McClendon's grandmother, who lives in Clovis, says her son doesn't know the whereabouts of either escapee.  "Larry would not do that, that's my son and when he go to jail he goes and faces his own crime whatever it is because I taught him that.  Face your own stuff don't expect everyone else to come and do it for you," said Minnie McClendon, the grandmother of McClendon.

Both women say they wish McClendon would turn himself in.  "Please darling come home and give yourself up.  This running isn't doing any good and they got all these people out looking for you and some of them get gun happy and they might shoot you so please, please come home," said McClendon.   

"I'm very, very nervous for you, I'm scared for you.  I know you are scared, don't be scared there are good police officers so please turn yourself in.  Go back to the jail house, tell them to let you back in.  Do anything you can to get back," said Carter. 

Remember Larry McClendon is one of five escapees still on the run if you see him or any of the remaining men, do not approach them and call 911

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