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The Qwicksilver: Does It Work?

We're pulling out that dusty silver and seeing if we can pump some life back into it. The Qwicksilver, a product imported from England, says it can safely wash away tarnish in seconds for just $30. Does It Work?

It works partly because of this electrolytic cleaning plate which you place in the bottom of a sink. You add boiling water and then pour the activator powder on top of the plate. Let it dissolve. Once that happens, you add whatever item you need cleaned. 

Oh, just so you know, I cleaned both items with hot sudsy water first. First up, a serving platter. I had to flip the platter in the water because, apparently, it must come into contact with the plate for optimal results. You can see that it's actually working. The bright silver has come out and it looks marvelous!

Now, for an 80-year-old silver trophy. One problem, it was too long for the sink, but we managed to make it work, by filling the sink up with more hot water and adding more activator. We flipped the trophy numerous times and even gave it a scrub, but this one was tough to polish because it came out blotchy. The bright silver base was shining through, but not the entire piece. 

So Does It Work? I really think it does help, but don't expect perfection. To order this product, (click here).

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