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Gas Prices Jump Because of Gustav

Labor Day weekend is right around the corner. And Tropical Storm Gustav is making travel plans difficult, and not just for people planning to travel to the coast.  The storm is hurting the wallets of people planning to travel anywhere this weekend because of high gas prices.

Gas prices at Bolton's on 38th and Ave. Q were $3.42 a gallon Wednesday night. By Thursday afternoon prices jumped 13 cents to $3.55.

Right before the holiday weekend, high gas prices have some people changing their travel plans. "Well, I'm staying in town due to it. My kids are staying home, and I'm staying home and relaxing," said customer Susan Seib. 

Charles Bolton, co-owner of Bolton Oil, says it's because of Tropical Storm Gustav. "Our suppliers say that because of the threat of the hurricane and what's happening there and the fact that it's Labor Day weekend - a holiday weekend. That's the reason they're going up on fuel," said Bolton. 

If you plan to travel over the holiday, you may want to fill up now. There's a good chance gas prices will keep rising. "We had a large increase yesterday, and another one today, and we're fixing to move prices now. These prices will only reflect yesterdays increase, not today's, so you can probably look for another increase tomorrow(Friday)," said Bolton.

NewsChannel 11 will keep following the gas prices over the holiday weekend. We checked three places in different parts of town Thursday morning, and we'll monitor those prices over the next few days.

  • United at 82nd & Boston - $3.44
  • Bolton's at 38th & Avenue Q - $3.42
  • Wal Mart at 4th & Avenue Q - $3.55 

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