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Lubbock Democrats Unite For Obama

Presidential candidate Barack Obama took center stage in front of 70,000 people at Invesco Field in Denver Thursday night. It was his night to show Americans why he's the best person for the job.

Lubbock democrats joined together to watch the speech. "There's enthusiasm and there's optimism about his chances," said Democratic candidate for Congress Dwight Fillingim.

"I really do believe in Barack Obama. I think he'll make a change and he's the man for the future," added Phyllis Nichols.

The party took place Thursday night in East Lubbock to show support for their presidential candidate Barack Obama. "This gives us the best chance of all to take a look at the candidate that are going to be at the top of our ticket," said Fillingim.

"This is my first time to do this," said Joylynne Harris.

Harris is new to the political process. "I went to the democratic headquarters earlier in the week because I wanted to get some literature about what Obama has to bring to the election in the fall," she said.

For Joylynne, Barack Obama and the Democratic Party have what it takes to win, and she's happy about what they bring to the table.

Joylynne said, "Because of something new and fresh ideas. Because of something what I want to see the US go forward and do."

Next week it's the Republican's turn. The Republican National Convention will be held in Minneapolis, MN. That coverage can be seen right here on NewsChannel 11.

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