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A&M Media Guide Yields Harsh Comments About Tech and Lubbock

It is unbelievable what appears in this year's Texas A&M football media guide. Texas Tech and Lubbock won the distinguished honor of "Worst Atmosphere" from the Aggies -- which shouldn't surprise anyone. It's what came after the title of "Worst Atmosphere" that was unsettling.

Here it is, in its entirety:

"Lubbock is ugly enough without any problems, but on November 3rd, the Texas Tech fans were uglier than the barren stretch of dirt some West Texans call a city. Following the Red Raiders 12 - 0 win, hundreds of fans stormed the field and once again tore down the goal post. That's nothing new from the envious students of the South Plains. But to add a new twist, the fans marched the goal post toward the sections of the stadium where a majority of A&M fans were sitting and tried to shove the post into the A&M crowd. A melee ensued and the Red Raiders, even in victory, looked like classless clowns. No school in America better deserves Bobby Knight than Texas Tech."

Here's what A&M's Assistant Athletic Director for Media Relations had to say about these harsh and unnecessary comments:

"I will take the responsibility for letting that to be in the media guide. That was a mistake on my part, and in allowing a story written by someone not employed by the athletic department to be in the media guide. So my apologies to Lubbock and to Texas Tech because that should not be in any publication in any regards to the Texas A&M athletic department."

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