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Laboring on Labor Day

Labor Day started in 1882 when the Central Labor Union of New York City set aside a day off for working citizens. Congress made it a federal holiday in 1894.

The grocery store is full of people buying last minute items for Labor Day bar-b-q's and family get togethers.

"It's a day that everybody has off and can enjoy, can sleep a little bit late in the morning, then get ready and it's family time," said Pat Garner as she picked up a few items at the store. 

However, not everyone has the day off.  Just across the cash register, plenty of cashiers and grocery sackers are working just like any other day, so people can enjoy their holiday.

"There's tons of people. We've been slammed like all day long," said grocery checker Kathryn Reno. 

The grocery store isn't the only place open for business. Lots of retailers have Labor Day sales. "Everybody else is off really, besides retail. So, you know, school teachers, government workers, post office, everybody else is off of it's like the only day that the whole family can come out and really get some things done, get out and buy something," said Tommy Stallings, the General Manager at Shamrock Chevrolet.

Shamrock Chevrolet had about 40 people working in their sales department on the holiday. Employees say it's worth it because they make hundreds of thousands of dollars. Labor Day is one of the biggest sales days of their year.

When so many other people have the day off, it's all about pleasing the customer. Even irrigation and landscape workers are out getting the job done on Labor Day.

"It's labor day right, so we're out here laboring," laughed irrigation worker Kelly Staggs.  "Oh, it's not a big deal. We gotta keep the customers happy so we'll do what it takes." For Your Cell Phone
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