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Consider This... Letting Lubbock Vote

Almost two years ago, I said right here that to give Lubbock a choice on alcohol sales would require a push from city leaders. Why? Because just to get the issue on the ballot would first take a huge petition drive in order to gather 19,000 signatures. That's a daunting task that can only be taken on by a well organized group and with backing from prominent citizens.

Well it's happened. If you haven't heard, the Lubbock Chamber of Commerce is now leading the effort for an alcohol sales petition. As I speak, a group called "Let Lubbock Vote" is being formed by the chamber to give citizens the choice once and for all.

So consider this, while I'm not sure having booze available on every street corner is a good idea for this town, that's simply not the point. The point is that it is not for one person or one government to decide. And making that choice unavailable to voters and taxpayers simply goes against what this country is all about.

Now opponents will say that alcohol is different and making it more available would degrade the quality of life in this city. I'm not sure I disagree, but the fact is there are men and women in harm's way right now at war to defend our right to choose for ourselves.  No bureaucracy or process should stand in the way of that right.

So I commend the Lubbock Chamber of Commerce for stepping up, taking the criticism, and doing what is right - finally giving Lubbock a chance to choose.

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"Let Lubbock Vote" Committee Formed
The newly formed political action committee will head the effort  to bring alcohol sales to a vote in Lubbock.

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