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Government Issues Final Report on BPA

A new government report says that federal health experts cannot totally rule out the dangers of Bisphenol- A, the chemical used in plastics like water bottles, baby bottles, some food containers, and even dental sealants.  In its final report, the National Toxicology Program concludes that, based on insufficient or limited evidence, there is some concern about the effect of BPA on the brain, behavior, and prostate gland in children.  The report adds, though, that there is "minimal concern" that BPA harms the reproductive organs in girls.

No government officials is using the word "dangerous", but environmentalists say that any level of concern is too much.  Dr. Anila Jacobs of the Environmental Working Group, says, "I think that when it comes to our children, even some level of concern is too high, and we should try to minimize exposures among our vulnerable populations".

The CDC estimates that 93% of Americans have low levels of BPA in their system.  Nevertheless, whether that is a problem or not is still controversial.  Most of what we know about BPA comes from animal studies not humans and the plastics industry insists that consumers should be reassured.

Some large stores, like Wal-Mart, have said they will stop selling baby bottles made with BPA.

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