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Local Republicans Excited About McCain-Palin

On Wednesday John McCain's running mate Sarah Palin will speak at the Republican National Convention.  She is the first woman to officially be nominated as a vice presidential candidate.  Local republicans say they are excited to learn more about this woman, many have only recently heard of.

Most say they have never heard of Sarah Palin, before she was announced as John McCain's running mate on Friday. "My first reaction was surprise because she was not on the short list that I had heard.  My second reaction after I heard her speak was absolutely delighted.  I think she is exactly what we need," said Vice Chairman Lubbock County Republicans Ruth Schiermeyer. 

"I was excited, I mean I knew nothing about the governor of Alaska, as a matter of fact I doubt if I had even heard her name till last week," said Executive Committee Lubbock County Republican Party Mike McDougal.    

Mike McDougal was at the Republican National Convention on Monday and Tuesday. "It was very exciting lots of energy.  The Republicans are really excited about their two candidates," said McDougal.   

Local Republicans say they are excited about the leadership experience the Alaskan governor brings to the table.   "She brings administrative experience to the ticket; I mean Senator McCain has been in Congress for a long, long time.  The governor of Alaska is an administration so I think that's a key element that she adds to the campaign and frankly neither of the sides has that or had it until that pick," said McDougal. 

The campaign confirmed on the opening day of the convention that Palin's 17-year-old, unmarried daughter was pregnant.  But local Republicans say this will not and should not affect the campaign.  "Let the first person who has never had a problem with teenagers in their family or in their friends cast the first stone," said Schiermeyer.

"I think it just shows that that family is just like any other American family.  You know things happen that aren't planned," said McDougal.    

But Local Democrats say just because Palin is a woman doesn't mean Hillary supporters will instantly swing their vote. "She stands for everything that Hilary Clinton has been fighting against, so if this pick was indeed to get Hilary voters, I think that is a huge insult.  Tokenism is not what this is about," said Lubbock County Democratic Chair Pam Brink. 

There is a watch party starting at 6pm on Wednesday at Cricket's Grill on Broadway.  It will continue until 10pm and also Thursday night at the same time.

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