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The Pet Hair Lifter: Does it Work?

The Pet Hair Lifter is a sponge. According to the directions, you use the sponge dry and never when it's wet. For our test area we chose my really nice chair where my two shedding dogs just love to sit.

The directions say to use the lifter in one big sweeping motion, which I did over and over again. Wouldn't you know, not only was it lifting the hair, but dirt too.  After removing the hair from the chair, the directions say you can also use the sponge for dusting and to clean lamp shades. It worked really well on those as well.

The only thing I didn't like about this product was that it made the hair and dust fly all over the place. But, it did remove them from the items I needed clean. So Does It Work? For $5 and being a product you can use over and over again, I think it does!

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