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Lubbock Voters React to Sarah Palin's Speech

Most Lubbock voters we spoke with on Wednesday say they had never heard of her Sarah Palin until last week, but after Wednesday night, her speech seems to have everyone talking. 

Some called Palin's speech the most anticipated speech of the convention and it seemed like everyone was glued to the TV, both Republicans and Democrats alike.

Governor Sarah Palin took center stage Wednesday night to a very excited Republican crowd.  According to Nielson ratings, more than 37-million television viewers watched her speech, that is 55% more than Joe Biden received.

"I think she made a great first impression, I think that she probably surprised a lot of people," said Republican Heather Keister.    

Lubbock Republicans and Democrats seemed to both agree that Palin was a very good speaker. "She seemed like a person you could sit down and have a cup of coffee with from next door," said Democrat Donna Pigott.   

Donna Pigott is a registered Democrat, but after Palin's speech, she may decide to change her vote. "I'm going to hold off until I hear all the debates presidential and vice presidential and then when I get to the polls I'll make my decision.  Right now I am leaning towards McCain and Palin," said Pigott.    

Palin went after Obama and the media in her speech, with a memorable line of the speech, saying the only difference between hockey moms and pit bulls was lipstick. "I'm very impressed with her. I think that she is definitely a very intelligent person, very strong, very determined to get where she has gotten to," said Republican Danielle Whitfield.    

"She should be a huge inspiration to not just women but people in the country who believe that you can have it all and you can do it in a traditional way and still be very engaging and exciting," said Keister.   

But not everybody was thrilled with her speech. "I thought she came across as sort of a smart-aleck, but the audience was eating that up because they were Republicans and they were there for that sort of thing and they needed that sort of thing and they got it," said Democrat Sue Weninger.   

"Had I been a Republican and had some practical common sense, I would have wanted to hear something practical and I didn't hear it. And as a Democrat, I certainly didn't appreciate the way she attacked our presidential candidate," said Democrat Zama Norris.   

But local Republicans say they are happy with the impression the Alaskan Governor left.  "I think this completes the ticket and I think this makes McCain and Palin a force to be reckon with," said Keister. 

Thursday was John McCain's night to take the stage at the Republican National Convention, and the Republican presidential nominee had a message for his opponent Barak Obama. He says "we will win" meaning the Republicans will win.

A handful of Lubbockites were on hand to see McCain in person at the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul Minnesota Thursday night. NewsChannel 11 spoke with local GOP Chairman Chris Winn and former Texas Secretary of State Roger Williams via satellite Thursday for their thoughts. Both say they think Texas will benefit from the McCain-Palin ticket.

"It's a great team and I think Chris would agree with me, it's a team that will play very well in Texas and we're excited about it," said Williams.

"I've heard from our down the line down the ballot candidates that are on the ticket in West Texas they are really excited that this is the lead ticket of John McCain and Sarah Palin" added Winn.

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