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New Trend in Medical Care: At Home Heart Monitoring

It is a sign of the times...  In the San Francisco area, about 300 patients are using home telemonitoring. Every morning, this device reminds the patient to weigh, take blood pressure, and answer a few critical questions. The information goes straight to a call center where medical personnel can review it.

Cardiologist Dr. Robert Blumberg says the new program is keeping patients out of the ER.  He says, "Early warning, finding that a patient's weight has gone up a little bit, we're able to intervene with changing their medication.  They're able to learn from it, change their dietary habits and a number of our patients that were in our ER's frequently or in our hospitals frequently have had no admissions since the program started".

For the patient, it means fewer trips to the doctor for monitoring and peace of mind that any small health concerns will be addressed immediately before they become life threatening.

Another unexpected health benefit is that studies show patients are often more motivated to stick with their prescribed diet and medications because they know they will have to answer to "The Voice" on the machine every morning.

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