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HealthWise at 5 From 8.14

  • Feline AIDS

Did you know a virus, similar to AIDS, is spreading through the cat population? It's called FIV for Feline AIDS Virus. But now, the United States Department of Agriculture has just approved a vaccine for FIV which stands for Feline Immuno-Deficiency Virus. Feline AIDS can be a fatal disease in cats. The virus is shed in high levels of saliva, and is transmitted from cat to cat primarily through bite wounds. Even though the feline virus is related to HIV, no human has ever been reported to have been infected with FIV.

FIV is most common among cats that are exposed to the outdoors, multiple cat households and male cats. The vaccine was researched for ten years. Up to one in twelve cats may test positive for FIV. The vaccine is given to cats in an initial three dose series with an annual booster.

  • Depression and Alzheimer's

A new study is linking depression and the risk for developing Alzheimer's Disease. Researchers studied 650 elderly people and found the number and severity of depressive symptoms correlate with their risk of developing Alzheimer's. The more symptoms, the higher the Alzheimer's risk. Patients underwent regular neurological and cognitive tests over a period of seven years. Scientists say each individual depression symptom increased risk by about 20%. The study is published in the Journal of the American Academy of Neurology.

  • Beer Health

More and more studies are showing that beer has just as many health benefits as wine. In fact, recent studies have shown that beer could actually be 'better' than wine at curbing Hypertension and Coronary Artery Disease. It can also improve bone density and 'good cholesterol' levels in some people. But before you finish off that six-pack, keep in mind that the key is 'moderate' drinking. That means one 12-ounce beer a day for women and one or two for men.

So what about the binge drinkers who get their week's worth on the weekend? The study says that cancels out any beer benefits and puts drinkers at risk for obesity, certain cancers, liver failure and stroke. Researchers believe that beer's benefits come from the fact that it is rich in B-Vitamins and Folates and that it also retains some of the beneficial qualities of the hops and barley it comes from. Plus, the Ethanol in all alcoholic beverages is known to have nearly the same anti-clotting effects as aspirin.

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