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New Hope for Allergy Sufferers

It is estimated that 30% of children have an allergy and one in five adults has reoccurring allergies.  There are little cells, called mast cells, which live in the blood stream and when you are exposed to an allergen, it starts a chain reaction of symptoms that range from mild irritation like itchy, watery eyes to serious shock and even death.  When activated, these little blue sacks inside those cells blast the bloodstream with histamine, which can make you feel miserable. 

Now, a new scientific discovery may be the key to finding a cure for allergies.  Researchers at the Salk Institute have discovered a molecule that keeps the histamine in those little blue sacks and out of your blood so it stops the allergic reaction before it starts.

Inder Verma, Ph.D., of the Salk Institute, says, "Prevent the reaction, to not allow the histamine to come out.  And that we think in some ways can be more useful, because we actually block it from its very roots".

Researchers are hopeful that this discovery could someday blossom into a cure for allergies.

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