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South Plains Voters Speak Out On Biggest Issues

Iraq, health care, homeland security, energy, and the economy are just some of the important issues people of the South Plains would like the next president to really focus on. 

After surveying 60 people, the number one concern with voters right now is the economy. "People without jobs, people that have children they can't buy for that need money for food for gas for a lot of things," said one voter. 

Things like being able to afford health care closely followed economy as the issue on people's minds.  "I think it's important that we are taking care of our citizens and their health concerns are important in having a healthy community," said a voter. 

"People can't afford health care, so it's better for them to get more help, if they can't afford it its better for them to still be seen," said another voter. 

Another concern people of the South Plains have mixed opinions on is Iraq. "I would like to see the troops come home, but we need to get things settled over there first, we don't want to just drop those people we have tried to help," said a voter. 

"I think we lost focus of the war a long time ago, and so I think everybody just needs to come home and we should just take care of ourselves," said a voter. 

Most of the people I talked to were still undecided on which they were going to vote for, but depending on how the nominees address these major issues will help them make up their mind. 

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